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     Mexican Whitewater Adventure

     Are you looking for a great way to keep paddling, but stay warm?  We have the perfect solution.  Here at the Olympic Outdoor Center, we have been seeking out great river trips in Mexico years!  What we have found has been spectacular!  Beautiful spring-fed rivers, amazing waterfalls, great people, and awesome food! 


  Just imagine.... you are overlooking El Mecco, a teal green 180 foot travertine waterfall, while dining at one of the regions best restaurants, after having run the Salto, a pristine class III with plenty of runnable waterfalls to put you in heaven!  


We live it, We love it, and keep coming back for more!  


Mexico, namely the state of San Louis Potosi, that we are so found of, has a fantastic supply of warm, clean water that provides excellent opportunities to both push yourself and delight yourself with what is possible.  A myriad of rivers ranging in class II-V are available, and each of our trips is designed to be tailored to the skills of our group, so that everyone enjoys a fantastic time! 



More about the Fun!!

We will drive from the Olympic Outdoor Center in San Marcos, TX.  We have a 15 passenger van that will be able to take anyone who would wish to drive south with us along.  Pick up to and from the Austin, or San Antonio areas is no a problem.  If you would prefer to meet us in Tampico, we can pick you up at the Tampico airport.   From there we will drive to our first campground, and set up for the next days adventure.  All transportation during the trip is provided!  You can always us at 512.203.0093 with any questions that you might have.  You can learn more about our organization at!

The Rivers!

The rivers that we will be running are located in the San Louis Potosi region of Mexico!  You can learn more about San Louis Potosi on the official Visit Mexico website:   To be sure it is a paddlers paradise.  Not only is it in the heart of a beautiful culture, but it is full of springs, and waterfalls that just beacon you to slide off the edge!  We customize each trip to meet the needs and abilities of the paddlers that we have with us.  Here is a sampling of some of the runs and activities we do regularly!

The Cascadas Micos:  

The Cascadas Micos has seven runnable waterfalls, each formed by deposition of calcite from the mineral-laden water. The accumulation of these minerals results in the development of huge travertine features, typified by shield and dam formations. The calcite in the water is also responsible for the striking turquoise blue color.

 The Micos offers a novel way to scout drops: you literally by paddle up to the lip and step out of your boat and pick a line. The Micos is the perfect setting to learn how to run bigger drops as it is remarkably non-technical, with the largest drop around thirty feet!  The put-in is directly at the base of a gorgeous seventy foot waterfall, named La Miradora!    

After running the main cascades, there is a local marketplace, where you can buy great tacos, and roasted chicken, and interact with the locals while doing a bit of shopping, all within the best view of the last drop!   After lunch, we usually put back in to run a lower class II-III section of river back to our campground, that has some fun slides, play waves, and gradient drops!

        The Rio Salto:

El Salto (directly translated as "The Waterfall") is an upper run on the Rio Valles, approximately sixty kilometers upstream of Cascada Micos. 

        Much like the the Micos, drops on the El Salto section are formed by travertine dams, creating large shields and pool-drop ledges. The impeccable visibility of the water offers a fascinating glimpse into the underwater development of these unique features. The Salto section is a small step up from the Micos, offering remarkable drops, intriguing double hydraulics, and boof lines through trees leading to clean landings!  However, the biggest of drops can be walked and enjoyed with a camera by those who don’t feel ready!

The run is punctuated with numerous travertine drops, too many to name. Similar to the Micos, many of these drops are boat scout-able at the lip. The nature of this run offers the opportunity to take in the majestic scenery and cool flora and fauna. Trees literally grow out of the creek-bed and turtles and fish can be seen darting below the waters surface!

After this run, we are able to take in the view while enjoying one of the best restaurants in Mexico at the take out!  The restaurant is located right at the overlook for El Mecco, a 180 foot cascading travertine beauty, that just has to be seen!  

         Rio Tampaon:

The Rio Tampaon is a fun class III, III+ run located in the heart of San Louis.  Just outside of Ciudad Valles, you will plunge into a canyon that the local Huastecan’s revered as the Point of the Gods!  With more gradient drops, big waves, and lots of surfing, the Tampaon provides plenty of play, and push, while you explore this remote experience off the beaten path.  

There are 5 main rapids, with the third being the longest, continuing on for about a mile.  At the end of the run, you will see lush jungle walls revealing hidden cascades, as the river disappears under a massive land bridge of Travertine.  This is the “Puente del Dios” that the locals believed was sacred.  We can explore the area, with an easy take out just around the bend.  Afterwards, we usually find some great food at a restaurant in Ciudad Valles.  A favorite place of ours is owned by a wonderful Venezuelan woman, who also has a fantastic way with desserts!

         Rio Gallenas, and Cascadas Tamul:

One of the most spectacular sites, that simply can’t be missed is the Rio Gallenas as it forms the Cascadas Tamul!  The Gallenas River is formed by the Ojo Frio and St. Nicholas rivers, and travels a considerable amount of miles before plummeting 345 feet into the Santa Maria River down below!

We hike into this spectacular location, tracing the travertine slides until they plunge right over the edge!  The hike to the falls is an easy to moderate, walk with a few inclines and boulders, while a more challenging hike down to the bottom where it collides with the Rio Santa Maria is available and provides for even more spectacular photo opportunities!


Other Rivers available:  Rio Santa Maria, Ojo Frio, Rio Verde, and many more!


Cultural Experiences:

While we do enjoy our time on the river, we very much appreciate the chance to get out and experience the culture!  We try to eat most of our dinners in local towns, or campgrounds that excel in preparing the local cuisine!  

There are also a few locations that are really special.  Two of our favorites are “Las Pozas” the surrealist sculpture gardens of Sir Edward James tucked away on 33 acres of Jungle near the mountainside town of Xilitla.  Not only are the sculpture gardens a strange and fantastic, but Xilitla is a town of artisans and classic Spanish architecture.  The church is the largest structure in the town and is located on one edge of the main plaza. On Sundays, the market day, the town fills with people and energy and welcomes people from surrounding communities who come to buy and sell their agricultural and commercial products. A local specialty is the zacahuitl, a giant tamale (3 to 4 feet long) wrapped in banana leaves and filled with pork on one side and chicken on the other.

Our other favorite place to visit is the local market in the town of Aquismon.  Here you can walk the market place with goods sold from locals who hold dear to the Huastecan culture, and still wear the traditional Huastecan garb.  Aquismon, is also just a stones throw away from one of the largest open pits in the world, the “Sotano de los Golondrinas,” or Pit of the Swallows that plunges 1,000 feet (it is the second deepest entrance drop in the world) and is loved by base jumpers and cavers alike!


What you need?

The thing that we love about these trips the most, is that, very simply you get a ton of adventure and excitement with out needing to spend a lot of money, or a lot of inconvenience.  We have great relationships with all of our partners that make the logistics safe and easy.  The price for most goods locally is incredibly inexpensive, and the people are very happy and helpful, even if your Spanish is not great (or nonexistent!)  

There are a few things that you will need for the trip.  A current passport is required.  We do camp at most of our locations, although all campgrounds are equipped with nice bathroom facilities.  Cabanas are available at most locations, for a small fee upgrade.  So a tent, sleeping bag, pad, and whatever you feel would make you feel comfortable are recommended. You will need money for camping (usually $10/per person/ night), food for meals out ($3-12), and souvenirs.  Water is bottled and easily available locally!  




Want to know more??

      Please give us a call at 512-203-0093 or email us at  We would love to answer all your questions and get you set up for your next great adventure!


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Payment Details: Olympic Outdoor Center members receive a $300 discount on all trips. The cost of the trip includes boats, gear, instruction, and transportation. It does not include food, drinks, lodging, or personal purchases.

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Event Location: San Luis Potosí, Mexico
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Meet At: David and Debbie Power Olympic Outdoor Center
Address: 602 North Interstate 35
Directions: Full Directions from Austin, San Antonio, and Houston can be found at: cation_and_Contact_.html Please call Michelle Kvanli at 512.203.0093 with any questions!

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